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400 Northwest 26th Street Miami, Florida 33127-4120 USA

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CP Tours specialize in FUN! Our TOP product is Cycle Party, which is the coolest way to experience Wynwood, Miami. You can book a private tour or by-the-seat on our social tours on our  Pub Crawl Tour. Or you can book on one of our other specialty tours: Brewery Tour, Team Building, Foodie Tour, Dinner Tour, Mural Tour or build a custom experience by giving us a call if any of those don’t fit what you’re looking for!

Each of our Cycle Party bikes accommodates a maximum of 15 guests and a very minimum we require 6 guests for the tour to be booked. Let our guide show you all the cool spots in Wynwood while steering you through the crowds. Talk with friends and woo at locals as you ride and drink through Wynwood’s art district in style.

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Sweet baby, Jesus! Where do I even start? First off, this is the best way to be loud, proud and happy. You can drink and pedal a machine from the future. Has science gone too far? No, you goddamn Neanderthal! Science has figured out the perfect formula for a party. Booze, bikes and booty! You can’t argue with that. You can but you’d be an idiot. Do you remember when Harry Potter got his broomstick? Could 15 people fit on it? No, so who cares? The party bike can catch a nimbus and then take you to a bar where you can watch a real sport. What are you waiting for? This is is your ultimate fantasy. A bike, shots of fireball, 15 people and Gandhi in a speedo.

Vaughn E. – Yelp Review