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Full Exterior Home Renovator Roswell


Dr. Roof Atlanta has been serving the metro Atlanta, Georgia area since 1988. We are Atlanta’s most experienced full-exterior home renovator – roofing, roof repairs, siding replacement, windows & doors, painting and decks. Our mission is to provide a customer experience and superior workmanship that is unmatched by anyone. We handle small and large jobs with the same care and attention to detail, for each of our customers. Dr. Roof Atlanta has a team of professionals ready to provide you with a home improvement experience like none you have experienced. We are ranked by GAF as one of the top roofers in the industry, and we have one of the largest roof leak repair divisions in the state.

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Customer Ratings

Dr Roof was outstanding! Very straight forward and explained everything! The crew and the foreman (Pol) were amazing! When we had questions he not only had an explanation that helped me understand but he had pictures! Dr Roof was a little more expensive (but not much) but given their long history that made us feel more safe in choosing them! Would definitely recommend Dr Roof to anyone!

Amazing company with exceptional customer service. I would say their strength is attention to details. Dr Roof was very thorough when walking me through the claim process. It’s hard as a consumer to trust a roofer when believing they are not alway looking out for your best interest. After my experience with them I can honestly say they were definitely looking out for my best interest in providing me a well built roof.

Dr. Roof was the best of three bids.  They confirmed every panel that was damaged with me to as they were replacing them.  They finished the job quicker than expected and cleaned up thoroughly.  They also coordinated their work with Animals B Gone who was doing work on our gutters.  I definitely recommend them.