Katsuya Brentwood

11777 San Vicente Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90049

(310) 237-6174 - View Website

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Sushi Restaurant Los Angeles


Katsuya Brentwood has become a favorite amongst the Brentwood community with its definitive combination of fine-dining service and neighborhood-eatery comfort.

Combining the service and quality of a fine dining restaurant with the lively energy and casual vibe of a neighborhood hotspot, Katsuya Brentwood has quickly become the place for Angelenos and visitors alike. The restaurant offers spaces including the Dragon Room for private dining and lounge areas.

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Customer Ratings

I have been a regular at Katsuya Brentwood ever since they opened. I was just here, and am compelled to congratulate them on the good food. I come here solely for the Japanese Robata. Finding Sushi in LA is no harder than locating a good Taco, but the Japanese Robata at Katsuya is one of the few charcoal grills that I, despite many tries, have been unsuccessful at recreating at home. The chicken, rib, corn, and mushroom are all delicious. To sit at the grill and watch the nice Chef (he is Hispanic, not Japanese as one may expect) meticulously grill your order, is an integral part of the dining experience. I have picked his brain so many times on the sauces that he uses, and the special Japanese coals required, but still no luck on my home BBQ. I will keep trying. Katsuya Brentwood is a typical upmarket LA scene, not cheap, but excellent quality, and a recommended fine dining experience.

Susan E. – Google Review

This is became a tradition for me and my good friend to come here for dinner. Love the atmosphere, it is prertty romantic even though there are always kids running around. My favorite apperitizer is of course brussel sprouts, and for main dish I usually have salmon and mushroom salad with enoko and shiitake.

Katia Kurazumi – Google Review

This place is so cool!! I came here for a late dinner with family and was VERY impressed. The inside of the restaurant is so cool – it’s decorated very nicely, and is very clean. The lighting makes the restaurant seem huge, and the tables are somewhat spread-out making it easy to hear the people you are sitting next to.

Our waitress was phenomenal! She helped us order, and pick the best things on the menu! Also, because there were 3 of us, she helped us pick out 3 different Saki bottles to try – which was fun for me because I do not drink Saki often so it was nice to be able to try 3 different kinds to figure out what I wanted. 

For food, we ordered the sushi boat! Which is expensive, but to be honest TOTALLY worth the price. This was the freshest sushi I have tasted in a long time, the flavors of the fish really came out and every roll we tried was better than the next. 

Amazing place for sushi lovers. High prices, but worth it for a fancy night out.

Kelsey C. – Yelp Review