Katsuya - Glendale

702 Americana Way, Glendale, CA 91210

(818) 244-5900 - View Website

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Sushi Restaurant Glendale


Katsuya Glendale features the dynamic pairing of master sushi chef Katsuya Uechi and world-renowned designer Philippe Starck. Located on the most central corner of ‘The Americana at Brand’ complex and overlooking the promenade and a large-scale ‘dancing’ foundation, the restaurant resembles a Japanese pagoda with a two-level interior connected by a grandiose helical steel staircase. The all-wood interior of the main ding room-which resides on the second level-features bold illuminated photographs of a mesmerizing Geisha and four large black Noren curtains featuring a central sushi bar. Katsuya Glendale’s outdoor patios on both floors include banquette seating, couches, misters and radiant heated floors for year-round dining. For the late-night guests, Katsuya Glendale is open for music, cocktails and dancing.

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Customer Ratings

I was happy with my Uni and somewhat happy with my Katsuya roll. Fried Brussel sprouts were pretty good.

The place is consistent. It is highly unlikely you’d get a bad meal here because they move an incredible amount of product. The place is always busy- so, you can bet your food will be fresh.

Bobby Keene – Google Review

Wow, 2.5 stars?! That’s  kind of shocking. It’s not the best sushi in LA, but 2.5 stars.. really?!

I’ve been to Katsuya many times and I usually leave pretty satisfied.

I suggest sitting outside on their patio. You can see the Americana fountains in the distance and can do some people watching while munching away. They created the kind of vibe where you want to come and spend a few hours hanging out. Most of their dishes come out one by one and service tends to be on the slower side. They’re not shoving you out the door like most other sushi spots. So… if you want a quick sushi fix without being boujie…. then go someplace else 🙂

Some of my favorite dishes: The Double Hamachi roll, The Americana roll, spicy tuna on crispy rice, brussel sprouts, albacore onion sashimi and their sliders are to die for.

Linet O. – Yelp Review

Just came here to eat after several months of not going to the Americana and all I have to say is, wow! The place has totally stepped it up. The heaters finally work, they got rid of the old placemat menus and the food was beyond amazing! The spicy tuna on crispy rice was so good! It used to taste like a cube of butter but it seems like they figured it out and it finally tastes the way it is supposed to. Our server, Christine, was super attentive! She made sure we always had full drinks and she was really funny! I definitely will back!

Sable P. – Yelp Review