La Mercerie Cafe

53 Howard St, New York, NY 10013

(212) 852-9097 - View Website

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French Restaurant New York


Located inside Roman and Williams Guild in Soho, La Mercerie by Chef Marie-Aude Rose celebrates the thoughtful delight of everyday French cooking. The full café serves breakfast, an all-day menu, wine and craft cocktails. Delicious pastries and coffee will always be available at the grab and go counter. 



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Customer Ratings

This place is delicious! Great atmosphere and very good customer service. The seating is very comfortable but also elegant. They did a good job on design. And half of it is also a homeware, furniture design store in the day time. Cool concept.

This cafe is so pretty. When we were there, they were only serving coffee and pastries. They are serving full menu now. They have a floral shop, and a furniture shop at the back of the cafe. Is this the new trend now? All the pretty things in one shop? I am digging it! 5-Star for a unique concept, and being so beautiful! Don’t judge me 🙂

Price: $$ Setting: Cozy and intimate; not suitable for a large group Reservation: Yes

Maginbigapple – Google Review

Ambiance, check. Taste, check. Presentation, check. Service, room for improvement. Began with bread & Bordier butter. Nice. The chicken moist & skin crispy but the real star garlic ginger tuile is front and center. The whipped cauliflower cream compliments the soft boiled egg with cheese shavings effortlessly.