Magnolia Bakery

Dar Al Salam Mall، Doha, Qatar

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Bakery Doha


New York’s iconic Magnolia Bakery, serving up freshly baked cupcakes, cakes, cheesecakes, cookies, brownies, banana pudding and more, is featured in the lobby of Mondrian Doha. Take a minute to stop and recharge, sip a cappuccino or tea and indulge in a handmade dessert. 

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Customer Ratings

V tried the the classic dark chocolate cake and the red velvet..and v got tat sugar rush tat v longed for! it was worth every penny v paid! the portion of dark chocolate cake was too hue tat v had to struggle to finish 🙂 A perfect treat for the tastebuds of a dark chocolate lover I can say..!Thé Red Velvet Was outa world .:)The cakes ordered were so fresh !!

Safira Mk Ashraf – Facebook Review

5-star customer service from these guys! They didn’t have the strawberry cupcakes in stock so they made 1 for especially me 😍😍😍 best cupcake I’ve had cause it came from the heart!! ❤️

Tammy De Villiers – Facebook Review

This is long overdue. I had an order delivered for a friend’s birthday in Qatar all the way from Australia last month. The process was seamless, hassle free and the cupcakes simply delicious, according to my friend. Definitely surpassed my expectations! I have the Manager Krishna Prasad Pathak at Magnolia Bakery, Ezdan Mall and his team to thank for their amazing customer service! This review would be incomplete without mentioning that Mr. Pathak’s dedication and attention to detail were commendable. He went out of his way to meet my requests and made the process really simple. 
Highly recommend this place especially if you’re overseas and want yummy goodies delivered to your dear ones (in Qatar) on special occasions. Oh and let’s not forget.. great customer service! Thank you Magnolia Bakery! 🙂

Dhanya S Kumar – Facebook Review