Morimoto - Philadelphia

723 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA

+1 215-413-9070 - View Website

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 Sushi Restaurant Philadelphia


Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto elevates Japanese flavors and creates sushi that is sublime in this smart eatery. Enjoy an Omakase menu — a meal custom designed by the chef — or mix and match from the incredible menu of a la carte creations.

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Customer Ratings

My wife and I just returned from Morimoto and the following things were amazing! The food and service were great. The prices were what we expected after reading the menu online and the reviews. Our meals were amazing and cooked to perfection. We felt over dressed as we thought that this place would be more formal than it was. The one thing we did not like and this is the only reason why it is getting a 4 star is that it was really noisy….judging by the set up and other comments this seems like a common complaint. Don’t let the noise ruin you from going and enjoying an amazing meal!

Matt Raymond – Google Review

Had a really wonderful time here! Our server was SO wonderful. She was very knowledgeable and seemed to really enjoy her job there! The food was great and the place was very unique and clean. Would highly recommend.

Kylie – Google Review

Outrageous in every way possible. I’ll keep this review short and sweet. A+ in every category.

If you want your taste buds exploded. Try it today!

I wish I could get the shishito peppers I make at home to taste half as good as this place makes them. So perfect.

Kevin K. – Yelp Review