Open Tandoor

4311 N Williams Ave, Portland, OR 97217

(503) 719-7347 - View Website

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Indian Restaurant Portland


The roots of Open Tandoor go back to our food cart, Portland Masala, established in 2013 in downtown Portland. At Portland Masala, customers loved both the quality and flavor of our food. The fresh preparation of naans and kebabs in a tandoor right in front of them often intrigued many, some calling the experience “out of this world.”

Now, at Open Tandoor, we are proudly offering the same style of open kitchen. We pride ourselves on creating a relaxed and fun atmosphere where you can enjoy great times with family and friends. Of course, excellent customer service is our highest priority, so please let us know how we can serve you the best.

Open Tandoor is a fine-casual Indian kitchen using freshly blended spices and traditional Indian cooking techniques. Each dish is crafted from original recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. All of our dishes can be paired with hand-crafted cocktails, beers, wines, and made-to-order smoothies.

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Customer Ratings

Stopped by for a quick happy hour. Really enjoyed their mango lassi and drinking shrub. Happy hour menu was not huge, but the items we had were all good. Service was excellent.

Nicholas Macfarlane – Google Review

Open Tandoor
Really had a hankering for good home cooked chicken tikka
O.T. Did not disappoint 

Food was presented with ample helping and very tasty
Spice level perfect 

Some restaurants throw every ingredient into their Tikki 
O.T. Dish clean and great flavor

O.T. Made a dish that kids to adults would deem yummy

I had the following and was very satisfied if not on the verge of stuffed…
chicken tikka
Basmati rice
Cream spinach
Chai tea — PERFECTION!!

The only complaint–  the restaurant is super clean but drafty

Not a place you want to hang out for a long dinner

They have delivery

Highly recommend a drop into this gem in NoPo

Dawn A. – Yelp Review

I love this place! The pakora is my all time favorite food item from their menu. Each plate has such a distinct flavor that I can really appreciate their level of quality. Thank You Open Tandoor!

Jenny A. – Yelp Review