Redwood Room

495 Geary St, San Francisco, CA 94102

(415) 929-2372 - View Website

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Hotel Bar and Lounge San Francisco


Clift’s famous and historic Redwood Room has been restored and reinvented as an exceptionally elegant and modern San Francisco bar. Suffused with all-out glamour, the interior features an enormous etched glass bar and the original redwood paneling, which, legend has, was carved from a single redwood tree, as well as Starck-designed lounge furniture and an ever-changing array of digital artwork displayed on plasma television screens hung throughout the room. Snack on gourmet bites while sipping on delicious cocktails and enjoying curated music provided by well-known native San Francisco DJs along with world-class talent Thursday through Saturday nights.

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Customer Ratings

Is the bar beautiful? Yes! It’s an art deco style bar: the walls are covered in redwood (hence the name) and there is a very cool mirrored bar. And there is a reddish glow about the lights. There are also these pictures on the wall that move in a creepy way-haunted mansion-like. I feel I should mention that this bar is full of pretentious people trying to hook up. Older men looking for younger girls, younger girls looking for guys with money, and guys just looking to get laid. So ladies if you need a pick me up, come here and I promise you will feel like a million bucks. Overall I had a great time here. The music was great. And my husband and I really had a great time.

Leti Scheib – Google Review

You must make a reservation to get a seat at any table in this bar…but a standing table isn’t so bad either. There’s ambient lighting everywhere. And the interior decoration is similar to an old-school theater with red curtains, low hanging chandeliers, and portraits of people you probably don’t know… except these portraits move! There’s a story behind each individual portrait, so check it out to figure it out! This place is popular among the old and rich during the weekdays. You’ll see slightly younger people on the weekends. This place also has a small rep for being a cougar den. Personally, cocktails suck here. Go here for the experience and um… the people ;D

Victor Vu – Google Review

Whoa, I am surprised that this bar lounge exists in the hidden realms of the Cliff hotel!

It’s sexy and chic and their crafted cocktails fit the mood.  There are moving art portraits hung on the wall that reminded me of Harry Potter.  

They offer petite bar bites along with other drinks, such as wine and beer.

Golden and dimly lit setting with appealing, velvet lounge.

Tiffany D. – Yelp Review