Rose Bar at Delano

1685 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

(305) 674-5752 - View Website

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Cocktail Bar Miami Beach


Delano’s Rose Bar has now gone through a refresh. Updates to the design include new upholstered rose-colored walls and custom Venetian chandeliers adding to the allure of the famed space. The glamorous and sophisticated space is the perfect spot for a drink and quiet conversation, and the ideal perch for lobby people-watching.

Cocktail service is offered in a relaxed setting, from the Lobby Lounge to the outdoor terrace. A light food menu is also available.

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Customer Ratings

Gorgeous tiny bar in the magnificent Delano hotel. Take your partner, take your mates, but most of all take your wallet it ain’t cheap!

Sarah Stevenson-Jones – Facebook Review

I’m not one to be shocked at much.  I’m an old soul usually bored out of my mind everywhere I go. 

To receive a bill of $38.10 for the glass of Jordan Chardonnay I enjoyed in the uber cool lobby did, however, shock me.

That’s ok.  I love the Delano.  Love being transported to another world, another dimension.  Those excessively tall white drapes flowing in the wind are as chic now as they were when the Delano first opened.  Timeless really and something I’ve tried to recreate in each Sacred Space I’ve decorated.

I love coming here.  It’s reality-altering to me without the drugs.  The decor, the ambiance, the look & feel.  I could care less about the people.  I saw no Ascended Masters at the bar…lol.

Pamela J. – Yelp Review

I don’t even know where to start with the Rose Bar. Maybe it was because my coworkers and I went during Art Basel, but I cannot think of anything horribly negative about my experience at this outdoor poolside bar. Aside from a long wait to get our drinks (there were only 2 bartenders for a crowd of 30-40 people), the music fit the modern, relaxing yet stimulating, the vibe of the bar, and our watermelon cocktails had just the right amount of vodka and left us refreshed. 

If I ever go back to Miami, the Rose Bar will be my first and last place to visit!

Disclaimer: I’ve never been to an outdoor bar with a pool smack in the middle of beautiful palm trees along the sides with vibrant pink and purple lights. But then again, I’ll probably never find a bar like this elsewhere.

Sarah Y. – Yelp Review