SkyBar at Shore Club

1901 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

(305) 695-3100 - View Website

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Cocktail Bar Miami Beach


Skybar is about hanging out, taking it in and making the scene. Each week features something new with specialty cocktails, buzz-worthy DJs and featured guests. Spread throughout the intense, electric, cobalt blue walls, fountains and pergolas, Skybar matches any mood at any time within the deeply sensual background of the colorful tropical gardens. Skybar is comprised of the following areas:

Redroom Garden
Conceived as an outdoor living room, the 2,500 square foot central area is tropically landscaped with colorful perennials, bougainvillea and passion flowers in painted oversized pots and adorned with an eclectic mix of furniture from the Orient. Open Sun-Thu 4PM-12AM and Fri-Sat 4PM-2AM. 

Centrally located between the pools, the Rumbar, serving 75 different rums, is surrounded by white sheer curtains creating an intimate space and backdrop for the potted climber plants. Mon-Sun 9AM-Sundown.

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Customer Ratings

Found this place kinda by accident and couldn’t be more pleasantly surprised. I almost forgot I was still in Miami. The garden area where the bar and DJ are is beautiful; a total treat for all your senses. The scenery is a Moroccan theme and there are lit lanterns hung from trees, various places to sit, including a bed! Truly a wonderful experience at this hotel. It isn’t a club scene. It’s the perfect place to relax, talk and have some drinks. The staff is beyond amicable. We ate the mushroom tapas and they were delicious. I will recommend this place in a heartbeat and we will definitely be back.

Jennifer D. – Yelp Review

Seamless in-and-out of Red Room, Skybar is one of my favorite places on South Beach for allowing me a not-so-simple break from reality.  In the evening, this place is perfect for lounging as tables and bed-lounges are canopied by trees, the moonlight and the stars are seen through the leaves.  Lanterns give this place a nice, sexy glow.  

Bring a small group of friends here, as this is an ‘older’ establishment, but still very cool and very nice.  Be warned, though, you’ll be disappointed if it’s raining as the bar is outside.

Andrew S. – Yelp Review

I had a great time at this bar on the two nights that I came here. 
The first night just for a little while, but with a group of friends and we played some pool on the modern table secretly hidden in the back. 

The second night we stayed a bit longer and I started to loosen up and get my boogie on. My Manhattans were mixed well and were very tasty, I don’t remember how much $$$ everything was because my friend was hooking me up all night long. It helps to Yelp people! 

One of my best memories from my weekend in South Beach this trip was the awesome sax house music some performer was belting out from atop the bar. I really didn’t pay too much attention to who was actually playing that night I was just having a good time and dancing, but the music is stuck in my head a few days after.

SkyBar rocked!

Richard B. – Yelp Review