St. Anselm

1250 5th Street Northeast Washington, DC 20002

(202) 864-2199 - View Website

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Steakhouse Restaurant Washington


STARR Restaurants is excited to announce the upcoming opening of St Anselm at Union Market. A collaboration with Joe Carroll, renowned NY restaurateur, the restaurant will be the second outpost of the critically hailed Brooklyn favorite. Devoted to the pleasures of grilled meats and good ingredients simply cooked, St Anselm is not your typical steakhouse. Our aim is to create a neighborhood vibe where guests can enjoy delicious food, an offbeat wine list and friendly service in a fun and unpretentious setting.

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Customer Ratings

Great Food but what really stands out is the team. Amazing crew!

Wasn’t sure what to expect, going on the second day it opened.. and unsure if it was a “steakhouse, or something else”…. Stephen Starr is the man, he knows how to do it right. The service and whole operation was buzzing along like the place has been there for years… the food- incredible. I had the ribeye, and it was absolutely just as good as Starr’s “Barclay prime steakhouse” in terms of quality and preparation.  it didn’t disappoint and this place instantly skyrockets to one of my favorites in DC.