Umami Burger - Costa Mesa

2981 Bristol St Suite B-2, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

(714) 957-8626 - View Website

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Hamburger Restaurant Costa Mesa


Umami Burger’s Costa Mesa restaurant opened its doors in 2012 and has been rated one of the best gourmet burger restaurants satisfying cravings with house-ground, hand-formed, carefully crafted gourmet burgers ever since! With the popular shopping mecca, The Camp, as its backyard and The LAB retail center nearby, Umami Burger in Costa Mesa is located at the center of the Costa Mesa’s art and music scene, which is evident in the location’s sweeping mural walls. Explore the surrounding SoBECA District of Costa Mesa known for its entertainment and culture and cap off your trip with a good burger that will transcend your taste buds.

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Customer Ratings

Great food and service. Everyone I go I always get the manly burger and it’s always delicious!!! This time we went with my GFs mom and she got the incredible burger. Couldn’t believe that was a vegetarian burger!!! Also, the sauces for the fries were really good too. Overall, it’s a bit pricey but it’s good for a once in a while dinner.

Best quality and most flavourful burgers. The truffle burger is always a favourite, but I am most impressed with the Impossible Burger. BEST veggie burger ever!! It’s a better texture and flavour than the beyond burger. Plus Umami sauces are delicious. The Cheesy Tots are must order. They are very flexible with the burgers, too, as one of our kids won’t eat any sauce, but must have a fried egg ($1 extra) on his burger. Beer and wine available.

First time Umami Burger and I loved it. The staff was friendly and helpful, providing me information about the items on the menu, so I could make the best selection, especially when they were pretty busy. I call that top notch service!

I got the Impossible Burger (it’s amazing that it is vegetarian, couldn’t tell, almost tasted better than the real thing!), and the ahi tuna burger. I got them carbless, so wrapped in lettuce, and they were still both amazing. 

Definitely give this burger place a try, worth it!

Sonia A. – Yelp Review